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So first news first The wifi worked itself out. Turns out that it was somewhat of a bandwidth issue. They was a greater demand for data than was being provided by the connection. Anyway long story short the problem is solved and I can finally get back on the internet. Thank Goodness. Don's you know as a Millianal I'll die if not covered in relikes and instablogs. 

Also on another topic I'm not really sure if anyone else is actually reading this. But thats OK. The Blog is just for me to ramble on about stuff I like and isn't ment as this large social connection. I think one of the most interesting things about the interenet is thhat it is a giant web of anoynmous self expression like a giant graffity wall. filled with profanity and Bigotry of course but also has Banksy and Shakespearen Poems. The Internet is this wierd zany madcap explosion of Human Expresion were everything matters and nothing matters at the same time. So in a sense this blog is a "Falsebooles was here" on the giant graffity wall of the interwebs.

This post is getting a little long and a little off point I'm going to end it here for now.

Falsebooles123 (talk) 05:30, July 22, 2017 (UTC)