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Another Monster-of-the-Week Episode bringing The UpsideDown Face to the mix. 

A hooded figure scaring a young woman to death. A Local Town Festival based off of a Grisly Tradition. This is episode 4.

Alex and Stand go to Charlesworth Washington to the Festival of the Upside Down Face, a macabue holiday inspired by a grisly murder from the '50s. Overall the details line up for a macabue story. the Death and Mutalation of Catherine Williams, the Grave Robberys, The argument about which girl is the ghost of if she is a ghost at all. It just works. The Upside Down Face hasn't shown up as much currently but hopefully in the third season we will get some answers. 

Also Cora Lee story continues, what happens to Cora Lee is part of the underlying subplot for the series.