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Almost all of the First Season is based on a Theme. The Devil You Know is Exorcism and givin the western adience it makes sense. Not that exocism doesn't exist in other cultures but has a certain perception in American Culture. Exocism are on the more frightining parts of our lore. Its something that is Judeo-Christian in Nature, but outside the range of confort. Its something alien, violent, wrong. something that only Catholic Priest with their rituals and faith can conquer. Its also something thats ingrained in to our collective conscience as an american. Even if one isn't a Christian the concept of Angels and Demons, Priests and Exocism are Familiar Concepts. Just like another person in a another culture might know aspect of their cultures but not be part of the religion that the folklore came from. Which is why Exocism is such a great choice since its provacative and you can draw off the Religous Imagedry of the Situration. 

And the Episode does just that.  If you have ever seen the Exorcism of Emily Rose, with its skeptism and discusstion of the Exorcism process then you might have an idea of what this episode is like. It follows the concept of practise of Exocism in America while in the second half getting into the intrugue of Dr. Strand's Black Tape . Which by the way was Video Taped by Doctor Strand. And in true black tapes fashion they do it with intrugue, Character Experts and alot of scary sounding paranormal Apocrypha.

Also We finally got to hear Cora Lees Voice. 


The Views expressed in this post are my own. Also I just wanted to apoligize if my discussion of christian imagry in american culture was offensive or inaccurate. This is just my perception. thank you for your understanding. 

Closing Thoughts

  • By the way if you haven't seen the Exocism of Emliy Rose you should. More Courtroom Drama than Horror but great all the way though.
  • Fun Fact: The Bible verses that Mr. Court recites are Psalm 14:1 and 1 Peter 5:8.
  • Though one point tha bothers me is that is that if Alex had been raised in a Religous Household that she should have recognised him quoting the bible. I haven't memorised psalms myself but bible verses are pretty distintive they have a certain candence and sound to them. 
  • Fun Fact: The Title of the Episode comes from the American Idiom "Better the devil you know, then the devil you don't".

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