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Warning: This blog contains major spoilers from the second season of The Black Tapes. you have been warned.

The Season Two finale did everything right it finally answered a question for once and brought are tiny view of the world into full blast. First things first, Cora Lee's Alive! and also a secret agent for a mysterious organization that might or might not be assosciated with a bunch of old goddess worshiping baby whisperers. But, still alive personaly I really enjoyed their interacting it was strange and completly mind-blowing but it is also a sign of the series finally closing the loop on some of the long asked questions. Like why she dissapeared and if shes still alive. Besides that the series drops bombshell after bombshell onto us about the world and characters. Strands fall that causes him to found the Strand Institute the current state of the Strand Institute itself. Even the Extent of the Black Tapes is flabberghasting. The Season compared to the last one was a bit slow it wasn't big and exciting there where some shocking moments and relizations but overall there wasn't a race to the airport to stop the plane. but what the Black Tapes let slide in dramatic tension they made up for it narrativly. The Black Tapes is interesting and Spoopy but the underlying current of why its spoopy is what makes it great it allows us to enjoy the story on a deeper level. I can listin to The Black Tapes and be spooked by the upside down face but at the same time theres the little conspirisy nut inside of me connecting it to my Black Tapes murder wall trying to fit it all in. I guess that motivation is what fills another one of the narrative throughlines "Are the Black Tapes connected?" maybe and with Strands Reveal they should have plenty of material/ Leeway for their story. 

Overall the last episode was great it brought together everything the second season worked so hard to build and set into motion the foundation for the Third season. A great episode

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By the way can we talk about ending. It was great the big reveal at the end and Simons voice mail at the end summing it all of it was just overwhelming I felt sick and it brought a whole new meaning to "I survived the unsound".  It was a great moment, Shocking, Scary and Somehow personal Like we had just tuned in for nice family fun and wound of with Orsen Wells Presents: Podcast Ghostwatch. When I turn out the lights I'm Going to see farther in the darknest

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