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Personnaly Possessions is a step back not in quality of enjoyment mind you but a bit more lituraly. The episode starts off with a couple side conversations resolving a few loose ends and piloting a couple other subplots along, (Say what you will about the PNWS Podcasts but they can juggle there subplots), But then gets in the thick of it. Like the episodes of Season One it stands by itself telling a singuler narrative. Also like the Episodes from the first season it is also about Jessica Wheldon, The girl from the exorcism but this time its her side of the story. Personly I loved the episode it presented the story of Jessica Wheldon again but though the perspective of the second season and while the Strand side is telling me that Ms. Wheldon's baby sitter memories are just made up from being influence by the show but the Alex side of me is happy to add them into the narritive. It also brought a side to the exocism that wasn't in Strand/Alexs Binary of skeptism which I found refreshing. Overall it was a good episode it went back to its formala that many of the fans myself included enjoy while still keeping the fell and context of the second season and it was also helped relieve alot of the drama and tension that can plague TBT and her sister shows. Which was a good step it providing the release so that we can focus on the big Question "Who is the boy in the fricking river?".

Closing Thoughts

  • Wanted to share this other review I was enjoying. If you've poked around on the /PNWS subreddit you might be familiar with The Black Tapes Recaps. It covers the show with more humor and wit then I can and if you haven't checked them out yet you really should.
  • Also what is up with Alex not knowing about a book cypher. I can understand not knowing about some strange fringe paranormal thing but as a journalist you think she would have some grasp of cyptology and other orthographic leanings. Personly I just thought it was wierd. 


Personal Possessions is the Seventh Episode of the Second Season not Eight. Thus the blog post should read

"Personal Possessions E207".