Episode 209 The Brothers of the Mount

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Brothers of the mount is a solid episode while it doesn't have any clear high points it brings along a consistent story. Truth be told season two of the black tapes is not the traditional story sometimes it feels like im just listining to a single episode stretched out over multiple recordings. It doesn't make it bad and the style works for Tanis and Rabbits but it allows for some episodes to be without the rise and falls of more episodic, procedual storys. There was alot about the episode I liked, some great revalations and hints that I can't get into without major spoilers but overall there isn't really anything that stands out from The Black Tapes Baseline. Casually Vicous murder check. Somebody recounting tragic past events check. Strand saying something eruditely, check. Exciting cliff hanger Going to have to leave that one blank.  

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