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The Creepy Podcast is part of the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network and hosted and narrated by Jon Grilz the Creator of Small Town Horror.

If your on the internet alot like I am, you might be familiar with creepypastas. For the uninitiated a creepypasta is a short fiction horror storys shared over the internet, and as Creepy says "a podcast dedicated to sharing the most famous, chilling, and disturbing creepypastas and urban legends in the world". Unlike the horror giants that have come before Psuedopod and NoSleep, Creepy focuses on narrating the creepypastas that are regarded as the best of the best. their Episode pedigree includes such storys as Dead Bart, The Rake, Smile Dog, Candle Cove, Squidwards Suicide, and it keeps on going. 

Creepy has only been out since this year, but it has a great selection of episodes. Each of them is self contained and excellently narrated. So if your looking for a spoopy tale to listen for 10 to 15 minutes or just can't get enough of Jon Grilz voice. I definetely recommend it. It short episode length is great for that busy scredule when you only have a couple minutes to get your spoop on. 

Edit: Just wanted to mentioned that Creepy has just finished its 31 days of horror a special event for the Month of October. One creepypasta a day for each month of spooktober.

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