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Warning: Possible Spoilers 

Archive 81 Season 2 answers the question that was on fans minds since the finale of Season 1. "Is Dan still Alive", the answer thankfully is an astounding yes. The answer to the question "Is Dan still Dan" is more up to debate. Season 2 of Archive 81 is a excellent sequal to the first season and is a bit more freeform. This season was a season of expansion, more characters more agendas, a larger workarea, and access to the full archive. Not to mention a bizare twisted city filled with eldritch beasts that bleeds into are world. Heavily inspired by the works of H.P.Lovecraft, The season has Dan being set up  as a "map maker" for the city. Guiding a scout group though the city filled with so many dangers. So, Many, Dangers.

The new season has brought us more iconic characters like Rat, essential a mad scientist fanboy who is eerily reminiscent of Kevin from Desert Bluffs(Nightvale), and Suit a soul-less human body that malfunctions all the time and keeps getting the supervisor shoved in it. The story itself is also excellent. The tapes act as small vignettes providing greater context for the story outside the tapes which helps Dan with his "map" if there is one thing that Archive 81 is good at it is using framing devices to their benifit to tell interesting storys. Overall is more action oriented then the first season taking an active role then the more passive actions of Dan in the first season. With the more explorative elements of the second season this tone shifts works extrenly well. There is still a brevy of mysterys and loose threads in the narrative for fans who enjoyed it in the first season but works for me in season two is the addition of everything and the larger scope in general. Season 1 was the intiation, Season 2 the acolyte and it is great. 


  • Theres is a H.P.Lovecraft references in one of the later episodes which is great once you get it.

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