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Archive 81 is an  interesting podcast.

Created by Dead Signals, Archive 81 is a found audio podcast. Dan Powell is missing and his friend, Mark Sollinger, wants to find him. All Mark knows is that his friend Dan was employed by the Housing Historical Committee of New York State to archive audio tapes from their extensive collection after that he dissappeared off the face of the earth. Oh and Dan also sent him 100s of hours of audio file. One thing that makes Archive 81 interesting is its use of framing devices, the story unfolds in two fronts, with the general isolation and cabin fever of Dan and with the mystery of Melody Pendras the voices on the tapes of Archive 81. This alternating style helps provide a change of pace to the story and they manage to keep the story interesting with excellent charetization and dialiogue. Another Great aspect of the show is the whole mystery of the thing "whats with that historical society", "What happen to Jesse", "Where did the Historical Committee get the tapes","What is 'the song'". And answering these question is deffinetly where alot of the appeal comes from.

If you enjoy audio dramas or just good story telling I would seriously recommend Archive 81, it excellent Audio drama that deserves your time, Always Keep Recording.

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