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All in the Family Decides to get into the meat of the matter and to personly is the episode where the season shifts to the rising action the beginning begins fairly mundane a revulation that Cherly is Strands sister. Strand getting huffy and storming off incognito. Alex being an unethical journalist and sassy. You Know the usual. but then it starts to shift. First Alex voiceovers to admit that she was being kind of a jerk and then goes off to victoria to warn Strand and stick her nose in all the business. Personally I really liked the hotel scene the creepyness of the painting paired with the moments of intrigue. But the real shift is the call from Simon Reese. Simon Reese plays his hannibul-esque charecter perfectly.

Simon: "Hey I'm a crazy murderer and I'm going to talk in a lot of metaphors that are both incredable creepy but filled with alot of subtext and world building."

Alex: "Oh good, Can I be Underly Cautious of your motives while asking slighty obviously questions?"

Simon:"Of Course, Rainbows".

All Joking aside however The Conversation between Alex and Simon is really fascinating. Even though they don't exactly spell it out it really connects alot of the disparate instances of the black tapes. Actually Giving it form rather then Alex and Nic shouting conspiritory moon wizards at each other like a few episodes ago.

The Episode finally ends with Alex confronting Amelia. And it raises alot of questions. Can we Trust Amelia?

Did Alex Send that Email? How Reliable Is Alex right now? The Season is starting to get really good and its going to be real fun next time.

Oh Before I forget, "Who's the Boy in the River"?

Closing Thoughts