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The Drain is a radio show and a podcast broadcasting in Adelaide, South Australia. The show primarily focuses on promoting music on vinyl while the podcast features interviews and skits.

As of 2021, The show is on a fortnightly schedule at Twitch TV.


KidCrusher (Host and Founder of The Drain) worked as a DJ for hire at weddings, birthdays and wrestling events, then worked as a club DJ for adult venues and bars. He was hired in 2003 at Hatchet Radio; an American based internet radio station with his show "The Drain" scheduled in the American graveyard shift to help cator to the Australian audience and keep the radio active at night, he left HR in 2005, In 2010 he re-started The Drain on a monthly schedule but in 2012 it transformed into a music video show at Ustream but less frequently. In 2020, KidCrusher announced The Drain would return as a podcast; the first episode featured the Canadian movie star "Louis Tripp" from the 1987 cult classic Horror film "The Gate". In 2021, the show transformed to a Twitch DJ show, with the odd podcast to be released for occasions.