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The Drain is a podcast hosted by South Australian musician KidCrusher. The show primarily focuses on promoting underground music and movies while featuring various special guests for interviews and skits.

Discover or Get Discovered in the tunnels of the industry as we record the echo of the screams from those who crawl below. We all float down here.


Founded in 2003 by KidCrusher as a weekly online radio show at Hatchet Radio on the Graveyard shift, then briefly hosted at Wicked Intent Radio.

KidCrusher transformed the show over the years from radio to a music video show on Ustream and Livestream until issues with copyright take downs prevented the show to move forward playing music from other artists.

In 2020, KidCrusher announced The Drain would return as an audio and video podcast to help promote his work and others without playing music. The first episode of the new season features the Canadian movie star "Louis Tripp" from the 1987 cult classic Horror film "The Gate".

In 2021, the show transformed to a Twitch DJ show, with the odd podcast to be released for occasions.

List of episodes[]

Season 01[]

Guest Episode Release Date Notes
Louis Tripp

(The Gate)

S01E01 Aug 27, 2020

(Red Method /

The Defiled)

S01E02 Oct 8,


Todd Hansen

(King Parrot)

S01E03 Nov 12,


Daniel Armstrong

(Strongman Pictures)

S01E04 Dec 30,


Australia Day Edition: Backyard Wrestling S01E05 Jan 26,


Movie Poop Shoot (Feat. Beelzebub) S01E06 April 18, 2021