The Adventure Zone (abbreviated TAZ) is a Dungeons and Dragons Podcast hosted by Griffin McElroy. Griffin MCelroy plays the DM. While his two brothers, Justin and Travis, and his father, Clint McElroy. are the players. The podcast is hosted by the podcast network Maximum Fun is part of the McElroy Family of Podcasts. It updates every Two Weeks.[1][2]

Synopsis Edit

The Balance Arc(Synopsis) Edit

The Balance Arc consist of the story of Magnus Burnsides, Merle HighChurch, and Taako. After the beginning arc, their are employed by the Bureau of Balance to find and capture the Grand Relics, 7 Powerful Artifacts corresponding with the schools of magic, that if not neutralized could destroy the world.

There are currently 7 Story Arcs(Modules) of the Main Campaign.[3]

The Adventure Zone Presents: The Great Switcharoo. Edit

The Great Switcharoo is a bonus episode released for the Maximum Fun's Great Switcharoo of 2015[4][5] featuring the cast of The Flop House, a Movie Discussion Podcast. It revolves around Jeremy Fangbattle, Lucian Buttwatcher, and Tanzer Silverview. A group of adventurers also known as the Hogsbottom Three.[6][7] The DM is played by Stuart Wellington.[7]

The Hogsbottom Three Reappear in a sequal episode "The Flophouse Presents: Return of the Hogsbottom Three".[8][9]

Characters Edit

Following is a List of the Main Characters of the Podcast

The Balance Arc. Edit

The Main Characters of The Balance Arc, Also Commonly Known As The Tres Horny Boys[10]

Griffin McElroy(The Dungeon Master) Edit

The dungeon master of the Balance Arc and voice for almost all of the NPCs with a few exceptions such as Garyl.

Magnus Burnsides(Travis McElroy) Edit

Magnus "The Hammer" Burnsides is a Human Fighter played by Travis McElroy. One of the Tres Horny Boys[11]

Merle Highchurch(Clint McElroy) Edit

Merle Highchurch is a Dwarf Cleric played by Clint McElroy. One of the Tres Horny Boys.[12]

Taako Tacco(Justin McElroy) Edit

Taako is a High Elf Wizard played by Justin McElroy. One of the Tres Horny Boys.[13]

NPCs Edit

The Following is a list of Important NPCs from The Balance Arc.

The Director(NPC) Edit

The Director is a Human Woman who is the Leader and Founder of the Bureau of Balance[14].

Red Robes(NPC) Edit

The Red Robes are a mysterious society who are credited with the creation of the grand relics.[15] They are seen as the enemies of the Burea of Balence.

The Voidfish(NPC) Edit

The Voidfish is a Enigmatic Jelly Fish like creature who has the ability to erase memories from the collective conscience.[16] The Voidfish is currently controlled by the Bureau of Balance who uses the Voidfish's ability to keep information about the Grand Relics and The Bureau a secret.

Those inoculated by Voidfish Ichor is protected from this effect.[17]

The Hogsbottom Three. Edit

The Hogsbottom Three are the Main Character in the Episodes "The Great Switcharoo" and "The Return of The Hogsbottom Three".

Dungeon Master(Stuart Wellington) Edit

Stuart Wellington plays the Dungeon Master and voices the NPCs.

Jeremy "Scales" Fangbattle(Elliot Kalan) Edit

A Male Dragonborn Bard who goes by the nickname "Scales" and is played by Elliot Kalan. He is the brother of Carey Fangbattle a side character from the main storyline. One of the Hogsbottom Three.[18]

Lucian Buttwatcher(Dan McCoy) Edit

A Male High Elf Druid played by Dan McCoy. One of the Hogsbottom Three.[19]

Tanzer Silverview(Zhubin Parang) Edit

A Male Human Ranger played by Zhabin Parang. One of the Hogsbottom Three.[20]

Format Edit

Story Arc: Edit

Except for the first story arc, A story arc begins by The Director giving the main characters a quest to locate and apprehend one of the Grand Relics. The completion of a story arc is followed by a Lunar Interlude, where the characters level up and also acquire new items.

Episodes: Edit

Each main Episode is separated into Three main parts. The beginning with a intro by a character called The Announcer and the first half of the Play Session; The Money Zone, an advertisement segment and the second half of the play session followed by the outro theme

Music Edit

The Intro and Outro theme of The Adventure Zone is "Deja Vu" by Mort Garrison. All original music was created by Griffin McElroy.[21]

References Edit

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