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The Adventure Zone (sometimes abbreviated TAZ) is an actual play Dungeons & Dragons podcast hosted by The McElroys Brothers. Griffin McElroy typically plays the Dungeon Master. While his two brothers, Justin and Travis, and his father Clint McElroy are the players. The podcast is hosted by the podcast network Maximum Fun is part of the McElroy Family of Podcasts. It updates every two weeks.[1][2]

The first campaign was known as the Balance Arc and loosely followed the traditional rules of Dungeons & Dragons with a few in-house rules. After the adventure came to satisfactory conclusion, the McElroys decided to experiment with other role playing games and take turns as the Dungeon Master. Each of those games would take place in their own separate universed.

The second campaign, Commitment, features Clint McElroy as the Game Master. The third campaign, Amnesty, has Griffin returning as game master. The fourth campaign, Dust, features Travis in the role of game master. After Dust ended, the McElroys decided to return to Amnesty and explore that world with more adventures.

In addition there also exists non-play shows called "The The Adventure Zone Zone" where they discuss the game and often answer fan questions. These have also been one-off adventure bonus shows.

The Balance Arc (Episodes 1-69)[]

The Balance Arc consist of the story of Magnus Burnsides, Merle HighChurch, and Taako. After the beginning arc, their are employed by the Bureau of Balance to find and capture the Grand Relics (7 powerful artifacts corresponding with the schools of magic) in order to save the world.

This arc was dungeon mastered by Griffin McElroy who voices nearly all the NPCs.

Player Characters[]

The following is a list of the main player characters from The Balance Arc.

  • Magnus "The Hammer" Burnsides is a human fighter played by Travis McElroy. He often recklessly rushed into action before any careful planning could be done[3]
  • Merle Highchurch is a dwarf cleric played by Clint McElroy. He wielded the Extreme Teen Bible as a disciple of Pan. He rarely remembered to heal. [4]
  • Taako is a high elf wizard played by Justin McElroy. He was known for his aloofness.[5]


The following is a list of important NPCs from The Balance Arc.

  • The Director is a human woman who is the leader and founder of the Bureau of Balance[6].
  • The Red Robes are a mysterious society who are credited with the creation of the grand relics.[7] They are seen as the enemies of the Bureau of Balance.
  • The Voidfish is a enigmatic jellyfish-like creature who has the ability to erase memories from the collective conscience.[8] The Voidfish is currently controlled by the Bureau of Balance who uses the Voidfish's ability to keep information about the Grand Relics and The Bureau a secret. Those inoculated by Voidfish Ichor is protected from this effect.[9]
  • Angus McDonald, a boy detective.

The Hogsbottom Three[]

The Hogsbottom Three are the main Characters in the episodes "The Great Switcharoo" and "The Return of The Hogsbottom Three".

  • Stuart Wellington plays the Dungeon Master and voices the NPCs.
  • Jeremy Fangbattle is a male dragonborn bard who goes by the nickname "Scales" and is played by Elliot Kalan. He is the brother of Carey Fangbattle a side character from the main storyline. [10]
  • Lucian Buttwatcher is a male high elf druid played by Dan McCoy.[11]
  • Tanzer Silverview is a male human ranger played by Zhabin Parang. [12]


An 4 episode mini-adventure using the Fate RPG system DMed by Clint McElroy. It follows the adventures of three recruits receiving superpowers from the Do Good Fellowship.

Player Characters[]

The following is a list of the player characters of the Commitment adventure.

  • Clint McElroy plays the Dungeon Master and voices the NPCs.
  • Nadiya Jones is a shapeshifting scientist played by Travis McElroy.
  • Irene Baker/Kardala is a HR counselor/Inuit God played by Justin McElroy.
  • Chris "Remy" Rembrandt is a gymnast/IT worker played by Griffin McElroy.


This began as a 5 episode mini-adventure using the Horror-Lite RPG Monster of the Week ruleset hosted by Griffin McElroy. Later, the McElroy family returned to this adventure and continued it for 31 more episodes.

Player Characters[]

The following is a list of the player characters of the Amnesty adventure.

  • Griffin McElroy plays the Dungeon Master and voices the NPCs.
  • Wayne "Duck" Newton is a forest ranger played by Justin McElroy.
  • Aubrey Little (aka "The Lady Flame") is a stage magician played by Travis McElroy.
  • Edmund "Ned" Kelly is a cryptid museum owner/operator played by Clint McElroy.
  • Arlo Thacker is a feral human played by Clint McElroy.


An 4 episode mini-adventure using the Supernatural RPG Urban Shadows. Travis McElroy takes a turn DMing this adventure set in the Old West.

Player Characters[]

The following is a list of the player characters of the Dust adventure.

  • Travis McElroy plays the Dungeon Master and voices the NPCs.
  • Augustus Parsons is a ghost played by Justin McElroy.
  • Gandy Dancer is a wizard played by Clint McElroy.
  • Errol Ryehouse is a permanently half-transformed human/werewolf played by Griffin McElroy.