Teresa McElroy is a podcaster and host of the Etiquette Podcast Schmanners. She is Married to Travis McElroy[1][2] and is part of the McElroy Family. She is a host on the Maximum Fun Network.

List of Shows[edit | edit source]

Shmanners[edit | edit source]

An Etiquette Podcast that Teresa does with her Husband Travis McElroy. Part of the Maximum Fun Network.[3]

Guest Star[edit | edit source]

My Brother, My Brother and Me[edit | edit source]

Teresa McElroy was a guest host on MBMBAM MaxFunDrive 2015 Episode: My Sister, My Sister and Me.[4] She returned for another MaxFunDrive Episode of My Sister, My Sister, and Me in 2019.[5]

Jordan, Jesse, Go![edit | edit source]

Episode 421: Live at MaxFunHQ for MaxFunDrive 2016[6]

Can I Pet Your Dog?[edit | edit source]

CIPYD 81: Travis and Teresa McElroy Return![7]

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