Sydnee McElroy, MD is a Podcaster and a Family Medicine Doctor[1], known for being a Co-Host on Sawbones and Still Buffering. She is married to Justin McElroy and is part of The McElroy Family.[2]

List of Shows[edit | edit source]

Sawbones[edit | edit source]

Sawbones is a Medical History Podcast hosted by Sydnee and her husband Justin McElroy.[3]

Still Buffering[edit | edit source]

Still Buffering is a teenage advice show hosted by Sydnee, and her siblings Teylor and Riliegh Smirl.[4]

Guest star[edit | edit source]

My Brother, My Brother and Me[edit | edit source]

Dr. Sydnee McElroy was a Co-Host in the MaxFunDrive 2015 Donor-only Episode My Sister, My Sister and Me.[5] The Episode was Co-Hosted with Teresa and Rachel McElroy.

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