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Ep 01: "Welp, that's been podcast."

Ep 03: "Beep boop boop boop."

Ep 03: "Planetary exploration."

Ep 03: "I've written extensively on this subject."

Ep 03: "Hey there are good rectums here."

Ep 03: Poopy

Ep 04: I love ma babo

Ep 04: "Here's a ghost story. Along came a girl. Ehhhhhh!"

Ep 04: The voice of the rectum. "Finally, a break."

Ep 04: David's book 'I Just Thought of this Just Now: A book on whale jumping & karma.' Chapter Two: 'Names I'm making up on the spot'.

Ep 04: Guy-who-hopes-dogs-get-dressed-up-as-things is the best character.

Ep 04: "I'm bringing Nora Ellen back. Ye-ah!"

Ep 05: Kyle's coke bottle neck dream story.

Ep 05: "I immediately want cookies. I'm just so cute!"

Ep 05: Tig's tiny house dream.

Ep 05: Jens' dream about juggling slippery babies.

Ep 07: Deja vu, aka 'been there done that, girl'.

Ep 08: "We have sex with sheep."

Ep 09: First three riddles (dimensions & evolution).

Ep 09: Time traveling shoe.

Ep 10: Weird gypsy.

Ep 11: New lease on lice.

Ep 11: Baby Tig smoking.

Ep 11: Kyle has night terrors about being stuck in a curtain.

Ep 12: Kyle parachuting from a crashing plane. "See you later, suckers!"

Ep 12: Ghost hot dog.

Ep 12: The unlimited woo plan.

Ep 12: "I'm a ghost. Don't do that."

Ep 12: Jangling cheese.

Ep 13: The first time Aaron blames his computer for failing. 

Ep 13: First extended riddle (binary), second riddle about who knows what - cleaning? 

Ep 13: No 'That's Been Podcast'.

Ep 14: Inventor Kyle & the solar panel & watering system. 

Ep 14: Aaron is disciplined for his terrible clips for the first time. 

Ep 14: Exhausted fireman.

Ep 15: "Cool beer you've got there."

Ep 15: Obesity riddle.

Ep 16: It's time to wash your hair you. 

Ep 16: Cajun tunnel guy.

Ep 17: Mack truck toilet flush. 

Ep 18: Foreign relations riddle.

Ep 19: David's "Hey! I'm walkin' here!"

Ep 20: Kyle's dance floor erection.

Ep 20: Kyle's universe fancy dress costume. "You a faggot?"

Ep 20: Sexual attraction riddle.

Ep 20: Kyle's beach pick-up.

Ep 20: Kyle's fake party pick-up line.

Ep 21: Kyle's bear camping story.

Ep 22: Apartment goat farm.

Ep 22: Xmas meatball.

Ep 22: Food riddle.

Ep 23: Kyle's two window smashing stories.

Ep 23: Atomic bomb riddle (satin & leather).

Ep 23: Everyone just needs their own Zip.

Ep 23: Nanobots riddle.

Ep 23: Tig's sun gerbil snuggle sack.

Ep 24: Kyle old Jewish guy.

Ep 24: Kyle Miss America loss meltdown.

Ep 24: Knockoutball.

Ep 25: Existentialism riddle.

Ep 26: Kyle falls in love with a near-stranger.

Ep 26: Kyle buys flowers for anorexic girl.

Ep 26: David's stalker.

Ep 27: Big Bang riddle.

Ep 27: Brocklesnitch riddle.

Ep 28: Paul F. Tompkins' notebook.

Ep 28: Tig & Kyle's first recorded fight.

Ep 29: David Suntsberger.

Ep 29: Tig attempts a Pangea riddle. Marty attempts an atheism riddle. Kyle riddles too.

Ep 29: Kyle's Irish letter.

Ep 29: Blastronauts.

Ep 30: Innocent adult penises.

Ep 31: Tig's Xmas tree obstacle course.

Ep 31: Kyle's teacher round kicks and bats a penisicle.

Ep 31: Overcome fears by going cross-eyed.

Ep 32: Prince Petergood riddle.

Ep 33: David sets up the girl he likes with his best friend.

Ep 35: What's nuts?

Ep 35: Ocean riddle.

Ep 35: First ever jazz note.

Ep 36: Both noses/Double blood.

Ep 36: Cheating riddle.

Ep 37: "Swamp rock? You kiddin' me?"

Ep 37: Green Circle Award winner.

Ep 37: Sustainability riddle.

Ep 38: Nail clipper suicide.

Ep 39: New thoughter kids.

Ep 39: Nooth otter.

Ep 39: Germophode.

Ep 39: Carrie & Tig fight.

Ep 39: Kyle's first Spanish definition & riddle. "The dog is not in us."

Ep 39: Spanish swamp rock.

Ep 39: "Welp, that's been Blastoff. Nope."

Ep 41: Vietnam flashback flatulence.

Ep 41: Kyle finishes a fan's riddle about nothing in particular.

Ep 42: Kyle gets aids and goes to a Billy Joel concert.

Ep 42: Kyle finishes a fan's riddle about I'm-not-sure what.

Ep 43: Kyle does the kip-up, hurts something, then does the caterpillar.

Ep 43: David was molested by his babysitter (touching tongues).

Ep 43: Tig's potato recipe. 

Ep 43: Tig doesn't need a computer - she has a butter churner.

Ep 43: Wonder Woman had to bring her boobs when she ran around.

Ep 43: Tig's pickle sandwich.

Ep 43: Kyle calls Mother.

Ep 43: Kyle should've been an abortion.

Ep 43: Swamp rock ring tone - "Ding-a-ling a-ling, your mother's calling to talk about your abortion."

Ep 44: Kyle's baby wranglers.

Ep 44: Baby Kyle gets his junk caught in a bike wheel.

Ep 44: Tig acts like a woman poorly.

Ep 44: Spanish riddle, David translates on the fly.

Ep 45: Latin Grammys acceptance speech.

Ep 45: Swamp rock guy shows his level of enlightenment.

Ep 45: First SNL opener?

Ep 46: "You look beautiful" kid.

Ep 46: "I am so happy!" kid.

Ep 46: Turkey.

Ep 47: Kyle's concussed.

Ep 47: First main Aaron wrangle?

Ep 48: Tig's wisdom tooth story.

Ep 48: You just got Tigged.

Ep 48: Microbe riddle.

Ep 48: Giggles.

Ep 48: What's up with that? What's up?

Ep 48: Kyle's first fan email.

Ep 49: First glimpse of Native American Indian guy.

Ep 49: Perception/mushroom riddle.

Ep 49: Fan riddle (Kyle rhymes parent with apparent).

Ep 49.5: Kyle calls mother re: niceness.

Ep 50: Kyle's hotel hot tub.

Ep 51: 'I love you wife.'

Ep 51: Genes riddle.

Ep 52: Most depressing podcast ever number one.

Ep 52: This oughtta (otter) be a good time.

Ep 53: Kyle shows Tig his basketballs.

Ep 53: Mother makes Kyle pick up girls at the beach.

Ep 53: I love wife.

Ep 53: Aaron's VIP song.

Ep 53: Butternugget95 tweets.

Ep 53: Riddle that takes minutes to complete.

Ep 54: Tig makes everyone listening for a second time cringe by joking that she may only have a year left. This is pre-cancer diagnosis.

Ep 54: Mother thinks Kyle's calves are perfect.

Ep 54: Tig & Kyle fight.

Ep 54: ALL the voices.

Ep 55: Ms Locker room. "I'll have you know my wife can get in and out of any room!"

Ep 55: Apple tuba guy panicked all on his face. Huba Tubeman.

Ep 55: Music riddle comp.

Ep 55: Music improv.

Ep 55: Here comes the flute part!

Ep 56: David's beach poop. (09:00)

Ep 56: "You might be knittin'."

Ep 56: "Quit needling me!"

Ep 57: Snook and pasghetti.

Ep 57: Kyle's all-whites at the gay pride parade.

Ep 57: Here and also there.

Ep 59: Kyle & Tig's fight gets physical.

Ep 60: American Indian guy.

Ep 60: Deiter.

Ep 60: Quark riddle.

Ep 61: Kyle's fat lumps & Sarah's poor couch.

Ep 61: C-Diff riddle.

Ep 63: The second in the saddest-podcast-in-the-world trilogy.

Ep 63: Kyle gives flowers to all the ladies.

Ep 64: The third in the saddest-podcast-in-the-world trilogy.

Ep 65: The fourth in the saddest-podcast-in-the-world trilogy  (yes I know what a trilogy is).

Ep 65: One of the best Aaron intros.

Ep 66: Riddle about lumen or something.

Ep 66: Amy, while Aaron is speaking about Star Trek: "Quit trying to fuck me and Tig."

Ep 67: Wop on the geep?

Ep 69: Kyle's bad C-Diff riddle.

Ep 70: Extended Jewish guy riff.

Ep 70: Kyle's dog bite & puppies.

Ep 70: Aaron's intro music starts (In previous episodes, but aired out of order so this is the time it started).

Ep 70: "I've got a ham!" (31:40)

Ep 71: Kyle's jokes saved the world from Planet Gleeblop in 2022.

Ep 72: Cancer free!

Ep 72: Kyle scraped his knee and had a bad gig at Nickelodeon.

Ep 72: Morbot.

Ep 72: Cure-all spaceship drawing.

Ep 72: "Oops! Someone just bought my album." - Aaron.

Ep 73: Kyle's THC poisoning. "This is ground."

Ep 73: Childhood memories including Tig's tiny house dream.

Ep 74: Aaron on his own.

Ep 75: Ducky takes an elevator ride.

Ep 75: Al Gay-ore.

Ep 76: Tiny calves, beach poop and the wig.

Ep 76: Mrs Trump.

Ep 76: Native American Indian, Al Gay-ore & Ronald Reagan chat.

Ep 77: "Because she was smiling."

Ep 79: Xmas song - "Iiiiiiiiii'm alooooooone!"

Ep 79: First Punky reference.

Ep 79: Tig asked you a question, just answer the question - The introduction of Abel Wimplebaum.

Ep 79: Elmo debates Abraham Lincoln, then shoots him in the head.

Ep 79: First ever 'Happy Birthday Dan'.

Ep 80: Lil' Tig can't always get what she wants.

Ep 80: "Don't you fugaboo."

Ep 81: "Because they were smiling" back story.

Ep 81: NY shooting.

Ep 81: Kyle's brother-a-cop.

Ep 81: Chief Big Meat.

Ep 81: Brain riddle.

Ep 82: Del La Rue went to the overseas (Staten Island).

Ep 82: First time Kyle says Punky in different ways.

Ep 82: Elephant talking clip randomly starts. When it does start, the elephant speaks Korean and no one knows if it's good or not.

Ep 83: "Karen! Kyle!" "What?"

Ep 83: Kyle forces Aaron into a riddle.

Ep 84: "Hey guys I'm gonna be going to bed in like 10 mins."

Ep 84: Command N for 'knobs'.

Ep 84: Craig does stand-up.

Ep 86: Janeane Garofalo fanboys over Kyle.

Ep 87: Kyle's lisping professor.

Ep 88: Kyle's niece messages about Daniel Radcliffe.

Ep 88: Exciting texts.

Ep 88: Del La Rue talks about his age and 'the Japs'.

Ep 88: Del La Rue's shower-spray tack penis.

Ep 89: "Somebody get me a mic." - Tig.

Ep 89: The reluctant hero.

Ep 89: Kyle's niece and boring texts part two.

Ep 89: Happy birthday Dan's.

Ep 89: Subtext Punkys.

Ep 89: Kyle stands by his Punky.

Ep 90: Poop in a jar.

Ep 90: Sventska hunkens bunken. Hunkas be bunken.

Ep 90: Tig wouldn't let Kyle put his finger on it.

Ep 90: But what about meeeeeeee?

Ep 90: Santa Cruz mother of twins sticker.

Ep 90: Conehead Old Butthole.

Ep 90: She-pac (Ms. Pac-man).

Ep 90: First mention of 'Name That Punky'. Audience gives punkies.

Ep 90: Mortifying the girl that brought in the valentine.

Ep 90: Boring texts.

Ep 91: Dave Hill's nephew in karate: "How are cars made?"

Ep 91: Homeless lady Santa Claus story.

Ep 92: Running topless up a mountain.

Ep 92: Star Wars riddle.

Ep 93: Tig & Kyle's love making on the bunk beds.

Ep 93: A hat on a hat.

Ep 93: She-who.

Ep 93: Cookies? Bakies? Broil them on a rack at 450 degreesies?

Ep 94: Best bit ever in America - Kyle's AMAZING mall food bit.

Ep 94: You can't love two people at once because the bible says "You can put it in a woman..."

Ep 94: She-who.

Ep 94: High-pitched Foxworthy.

Ep 95: How 'bout now how 'bout right now?

Ep 95: That's a toughie.

Ep 95: Calculated review - not even mathematical.

Ep 95: Email from THE happy birthday Dan.

Ep 96: First game of Name That Punky in its 'proper' format.

Ep 96: Don't taint the Punky.

Ep 96: Neck and neck Punkys.

Ep 97: First use of Name That Punky theme music.

Ep 97: Punky corns.

Ep 99: Kyle's nostrils. 

Ep 99: Phone-a-Judy for Name That Punky.

Ep 100: Kyle comes out as a rosacea sufferer.

Ep 100: Kyle speaks Spanish (De bonk de bus).

Ep 101: The introduction of Wagonhini guy.

Ep 101: Laughing public toilet pooper letter.

Ep 102: Iguana gonna wanna.

Ep 102: Go gay off somewhere else.

Ep 102: Kyle's Batman cups.

Ep 102: Space knight - "Gotta get away. Gotta get away. Uh! Uh! Uh!"

Ep 103: Here comes the Tig part.

Ep 103: Girl you're doin' too much.

Ep 103: Oh Pumpy.

Ep 103: Spanish riddle translation.

Ep 104: First chicken parking station attendant bit.

Ep 104: Real estate novelist.

Ep 104: Elton John's seamstress.

Ep 104: It's just Kyle's way, he's a little shy.

Ep 104: Is you or is you not a hound dog?

Ep 104: Kyle's mum helps him hit on a nurse, then get tap shoes made.

Ep 104: Mouth is free.

Ep 105: Aaron's postcard to Mommy.

Ep 105: Kyle & Tig have been banging.

Ep 105: Talcing Punky.

Ep 106: Keeping a points score for good jokes.

Ep 109: Kyle's mom gave birth to his calves way before the rest of him. His nostrils slowed him down.

Ep 109: Whispers were about it.

Ep 109: The invention of the Punky rental system.

Ep 110: "Oh Carol I'm sorry!"

Ep 110: Anna's vagina fingers.

Ep 111: Kyle's drunk.

Ep 111: Jon Dore streaks.

Ep 111: Tig's rebel mama - kids on the hood of the car.

Ep 112: Tig doesn't know what embarrassing is.

Ep 112: "Mother says I move well."

Ep 112: Kyle does ballet.

Ep 112: Shout outs to Hugh Janus & Neil Strokemycock.

Ep 113: Tig gets into sex shorts, goes down a water slide & jumps on a trampoline.

Ep 113: Tig can tell Jaden is Asian because of his tiny little eyes.

Ep 113: Kyle's faultless first date move (switching the lights off).

Ep 113: Aaron's advice to making moves (cookies & smile kisses).

Ep 113: Kyle humiliates Tig & they fight about it.

Ep 114: Kyle sleeps with an Alaskan hoarder.

Ep 114: Impractical uses for space weather.

Ep 115: Birds fly with feather arms.

Ep 115: Trump swap - the most luxurious frogs. It's terrific.

Ep 116: Kyle thinks his tax guy would be in his hotel in Quebec.

Ep 116: Ed Asner mouse.

Ep 116: Schmucking the salamanders.

Ep 116: Kyle's raccoon infestation.

Ep 116: Underwater wigs are never fun.

Ep 116: Diarrhoea pool & foot.

Ep 117: What are you getting paaaaaaaaid motorcycle.

Ep 117: We forgot to say goodbye to Kaka and Fred.

Ep 117: Spanish Eckhart Tolle riddle.

Ep 118: Kyle's pubes on his distended stomach.

Ep 118: This is like frogs in Australia problem.

Ep 118: Tiggleby & her aids-ridden kitty.

Ep 118: Endless hat man from the past.

Ep 118: Acapella girls. Do. Do. Do. Do. Do.

Ep 120: Cows wanna know.

Ep 120: Creedence is not in a good concert now.

Ep 121: Go go Gadget faggot!

Ep 122: Stephanie Allynne is Angelina Wells.

Ep 125: Night guy.

Ep 126: Matter riddle.

Ep 127: Kyle kills a man with his car, gives his family a 'lil quilt.

Ep 127: Lil' quilts.

Ep 127: Epic wrangle from Tig & Kyle.

Ep 127: Tig would love to.

Ep 127: Redneck blues.

Ep 128: Kyle's mother does film reviews for the first time.

Ep 128: Pooping (wash your mouth out!).

Ep 128: Crotch five.

Ep 129: Lil' outfits.

Ep 129: "I'M Baby Bear."

Ep 129: 1980s digital ringtones.

Ep 131: Double dizzy.

Ep 131: Tig is really good at scooting.

Ep 131: Tig's person song.

Ep 131: Lil' outfits continued.

Ep 131: Judge puppy.

Ep 131: Kyle's raccoons (second telling?).

Ep 131: Human hands!

Ep 131: Hans Berger.

Ep 131: Heep. (He-sheep)

Ep 131: For example.

Ep 131: You can eat any species that doesn't have human hands.

Ep 132: Teach. He's so cool. He smokes 'n' shit. (32:45)

Ep 132: Amelia Earhart flew around the world in nineteen eight. (34:20)

Ep 133: Blue whale tells dirty knock knock jokes.

Ep 133: It's a no P zone on 'rofessor Blastoff.

Ep 134: Salty Tig/Greenroom Tig.

Ep 134: Lil' Davey Huntsberger: The Musical.

Ep 135: General Vague.

Ep 135: Blue whale returns with the dirty jokes.

Ep 135: Tig does Kyle's voices.

Ep 136: Punch out Teach.

Ep 136: Mandela's 'speech'.

Ep 136: Sleep gal.

Ep 136: Ever so slight horsey things.

Ep 137: Snouting.

Ep 137: An unironic ham is hard to find.

Ep 137: I've got a hacky ham!

Ep 137: Muffy, the white trash from one of the highest class counties in the area.

Ep 139: Accent-less racial skit.

Ep 139: Couldn't think top shelf thoughts.

Ep 139: Seinfeld also couldn't think top shelf thoughts.

Ep 139: "Are you single, ready to mingle, or in a relationship heading for fayshionship?"

Ep 139: Memory 'poem' (riddle).

Ep 139: Teach teaches.

Ep 141: Garage sailing.

Ep 141: What are you gonna do, just trample around looking inside pots?

Ep 141: Hemaphrodemurs.

Ep 141: Hersband.

Ep 142: Kyle does Joan Rivers and (the worst) Maria Bamford.

Ep 142: Vegan Nut Cake: The Professor Blastoff Story.

Ep 142: Kyle's feature film 'Chip Off the Ol' Block'.

Ep 143: "That's Kyle Dunnigan and that's Tig Notaro and that's David Huntsberger. And this is Professor Blastoff."

Ep 143: You just think your meat and bones around.

Ep 143: Researcher or researchim.

Ep 144: First of all, congrats.

Ep 144: Tig scares everyone into getting cancer checks.

Ep 144: Scuttleback.

Ep 144: Teach!

Ep 145: Kyle is late (again).

Ep 145: Tig churns butter under the bar.

Ep 145: David does all of Kyle's voices.

Ep 145: The thing about Tag...

Ep 145: Tig is from a real old fashioned.

Ep 145: David tries to make Kyle cry.

Ep 145: Crockpots. Chili. Soups.

Ep 145: Jacquelyntop.

Ep 145: Teach smokes.

Ep 146: Blackjack Blackjill Whitejill.

Ep 146: "If Mimi Kim's out front putting up balloons, I'm screwed."

Ep 146: Aaron's last show. :(

Ep 146: Aaron was taken down by a clove of garlic.

Ep 146: AIDs in a Bush: A Young Boy's Struggle.

Ep 146: Kyle runs us through Meditation with Mother.

Ep 147: Kyle wants to get more horny as the show goes on.

Ep 147: Aliens are per-thetic.

Ep 147: It takes three grim glops to put in a light bulb.

Ep 147: Kyle creamed on his left boob.

Ep 147: If I had come and speaken for the first time.

Ep 147: AS - Above Scuttle.

Ep 147: Flo's anus was cemented.

Ep 148: Tig No-vice-o.

Ep 148: Shit dating stories (literally).

Ep 148: Kyle's pageant baby adoption.

Ep 148: Kyle's adoption process is mostly stick.

Ep 148: toyboattoyboattoyboat.

Ep 148: Front turtle - turtlin' from the front.

Ep 149: Tootsie-off.

Ep 150: Has Tig ever tried the double milkshake in the bedroom? How about the Tennessee whiplash? Or the Oklahoma stranded cowboy?

Ep 150: Gals love a double milker.

Ep 150: Kyle's move is inviting a girl over, then playing the computer game 'Boner Attic'.

Ep 150: Judy Dunnigan meditation.

Ep 150: Death rattle whinny.

Ep 151: "That's been 'I'm in Love' with Tig Notaro."

Ep 151: Plastic Ants/Can'ts/Cannots.

Ep 151: Kyle cried when he was nominated class clown in school.

Ep 152: Beautiful harmonies. 'Everyone went high.'

Ep 152: 'I think it's about cats.'

Ep 152: Mutilation flirtation.

Ep 152: 'Can I tell you something? You remind me of a little cat.'

Ep 152: Nice little nostrils, big nose.

Ep 152: 'I'm old!'

Ep 152: Big boobs, a sweet rack & nice tatas is all Kyle is looking for in a woman.

Ep 153: Poop stories. Tig tells urban legend of woman pooping in new boyfriend's apartment: the toilet doesn't flush, and she locks herself out.

Ep 153: Rich Louie (C.K.).

Ep 153: Kyle ate canned spinach slime because Popeye did.

Ep 153: Domino voice - 'It's doing it!'

Ep 153: 'Hello, Cars 'n' Things, I'm a man.'

Ep 154: Him-he-ys!

Ep 154: David does drunk Titanic guy.

Ep 154: David does inflatable disasters salesman.

Ep 154: Beautiful scuttlebacking.

Ep 154: #diarrhea

Ep 155: Massage stories.

Ep 155: (Sings) 'Here you go, that's your hmm, watch her go.'

Ep 155: David can't do musical theatre.

Ep 155: Introducing monster Anna. She went to the mall the other day.

Ep 155: The Quackerback. Tebow can't throw bread to ducks. Also, can't throw duck to bread.

Ep 155: Is he (Tebow) playing for football teams?

Ep 155: Running of the Hun.

Ep 155: Kyle is great at sharing sports stories.

Ep 155: Kyle's new character thinks it's great when people go to Vermont. His name is Warren Vander Vander (aka Mr. Everynowandthen) and he lives in Dayton, Ohio.

Ep 155: Listener call-out to Aaron Steamy Meats.

Ep 155: "We're talking about gay sports and Renaud's got the steamy bottom."

Ep 156: Tig's a drug addict.

Ep 156: Good jokes have layers and zingers, just like the 'Kyle's nutritionist' bit.

Ep 156: A bloodied Rottweiler came by with no releash.

Ep 156: Another Kyle childhood molestation story.

Ep 156: Kyle is look up into the stars for his best friend Jesus (worship jams).

Ep 156: Why would you do that to Karen Obermiller!?

Ep 156: In year eight, Tig started the process of turning a guy into a leopard man.

Ep 156: Hipsters are hip to the jive. They don't like things that are whack. They boogie down to the giddy up on the dance floor.

Ep 157: Kyle & David flirt valley girl style.

Ep 157: 'It's this Italian dish called nanayabiziness.'

Ep 157: Kyle's fascinating TV story.

Ep 157: 'Is that how you eat your gluten? Tiny on the end of a spoon?'

Ep 158: Kyle makes up many beautiful tracks, including a new Professor Blastoff (The Professor Show) theme.

Ep 158: Tempo meter map three times fast.

Ep 158: The Fast and the Furiouses - Too Fast For Speed: Pull Over & Go Potty.

Ep 158: Batman & Robbers.

Ep 158: The story about Lil didn't end well.

Ep 158: The Huddlecuffs.

Ep 159: 'Nice long neck, dude. Dad a swan? Mum a snake?'

Ep 159: Night Guy is dead.

Ep 159: Tig is Betty Carrotsnonions.

Ep 159: Kyle does an AMAZING Australian accent.

Ep 159: Kyle eats about eight meat flaps a day.

Ep 159: 'We just did improv? I think I hate improv.'

Ep 160: Kyle reverse-psychologies Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Ep 160: Kyle has had a lot of gas, he's not doing any drugs.

Ep 160: 'The appropriate amount of gas is three farts a day. I think we all know that.'

Ep 160: Kyle beats the meat multiple times a night.

Ep 160: 'Get that moon theory off this table this instant! It's crawled right up there! I'm eating brisket!'

Ep 160: 'It was on Kona.' 'O'Bria?'

Ep 160: Mary did a bachelor on moon.

Ep 160: 'merica moon.

Ep 160: 'Great buffoonary, Mary!'

Ep 160: 'As someone that was able to pull Wikipedia up on my computer, I'm gonna go ahead and say no.'

Ep 160: 'Moonvin' along.'

Ep 160: 'Mooning.' 'That's not knowing about the moon!'

Ep 160: Mary, a.k.a. Moon 101.

Ep 160: 'I wish you could go - and not just astral project - but if it were possible, just go hang out on the moon for just a little bit with no one else around, just kind of gather your thoughts.' 'Yeah that would be mind blowing.' 'That'd be so fun.' 'Just for, like, 15 minutes?' '15 minutes, I just need to get to the moon real quick, just sit there.' 'Gather my thoughts. I will get back to you on whether or not I'm gonna be able to meet you in New York for that weekend.'

Ep 160: 'Happy moon position to you, happy moon position to you...'

Ep 160: 'Professor Blastoff, where we will Google things for you.'

Ep 160: The breath of life, the hiccup of charm. Mother meditations.

Ep 160: 'I didn't mention this earlier, but I think the moon is my friend.'

Ep 161: Kyle spent an entire cruise hanging out with an old couple because he looked like their dead son.

Ep 161: Night Guy lives!

Ep 161: I've got a man!

Ep 161: Firetruck tears.

Ep 161: couldn'tthinktopshelfthoughts worldkidschamp.

Ep 161: JW vs. Mormon arm wrestling.

Ep 161: Mormons were tooken off the list.

Ep 161: Kyle's no-thoughter church.

Ep 161: David had sex out of turn.

Ep 161: Kyle's female pilot was crying at the wheels.

Ep 161: A cult seems like you grow a beard, hand-me-down.

Ep 161: Jazz note topshelfthoughts.

Ep 162: Fart gene.

Ep 162: You can't tangyou with one Tig.

Ep 162: 'David seems knee-deep in the lesbian information. I think lesbians go everywhere.'

Ep 162: 'Reading Rainbow's coming back. I think that's pretty cool.'

Ep 162: 'Can you grab ****?'

Ep 162: 'Please stop grabbing my giggle.'

Ep 162: The food purse talk show.

Ep 163: 'Sorry about that pop.' 'No problem, ma.'

Ep 163: Kyle's fucked-up positive affirmation exercises.

Ep 163: This is kitties!

Ep 163: Hedonic treadmill. Ooor she-donic.

Ep 164: 'You're black and I'm white, why can't we get along?' Kyle's version of Ebony and Ivory.

Ep 164: Kyle doesn't like black people and if Tig paid attention, she'd know that.

Ep 164: Once, twice, three yards a Tiggy.

Ep 164: Mommy's little handsome boy.

Ep 164: Diablo's 144 book reports.

Ep 164: 'You've got a kicking beaver!'

Ep 164: 'You'll stay and I'LL harmonize!'

Ep 165: Tigglejudge.

Ep 165: Lil' Davey Kittypaws.

Ep 165: Sing-off.

Ep 165: Tiggleby and the snuggle bed.

Ep 165: The bubble throat episode.

Ep 165: Kyle shows off his mad Spanish skills.

Ep 165: Kyle's young Spanish teacher is inappropriate.

Ep 165: Kyle's beautiful love song.

Ep 165: Defining love.

Ep 165: Kyle's vlog 'Where is She?'

Ep 165: 'Caught you, you gay!'

Ep 165: Kyle finished the poem David was quoting.

Ep 165: David says foot rubbing is internments.

Ep 166: The cat that did something earlier on America's Funniest Home Videos.

Ep 166: Tig went out with a guy that is now Kelly Clarkson's bassist.

Ep 166: David talks to spiders.

Ep 166: Kyle's Jew chops.

Ep 166: Johnny Carson and Zsa Zsa Gabor stop by. 

Ep 166: 'He's gonna be so excited to meet us!'

Ep 166: Hamdom.

Ep 166: 'Stacey was not s'posed to know!'

Ep 166: 'I you and us we.'

Ep 166: Shin scrape! Ep 167: Inconthevable!

Ep 167: (Sings) 'Walk personality, talk personality, divide personality.'

Ep 167: Personalable.

Ep 167: 'You've got to meet Tig. She has the perfect personality.'

Ep 167: Cool hunch.

Ep 167: David would J all over your parade.

Ep 168: 'My mother's arms are so wild, if she got rid of them she'd be mute. Good night. It's just me, four-year-old Tig. I'm gonna go have a cigarette, hit the sack.'

Ep 168: 'You can flub up your words.'

Ep 168: David's rap - 'I went to a thing'.

Ep 168: Kyle raps with his body.

Ep 168: 'Let's turn on our juicers!'

Ep 168: Radio song intros.

Ep 168: 'It seems like it maybe has to be!'

Ep 168: 'Produced by Jim Roach, please...'

Ep 168: 'Dogs are boys, cats are girls. I just can't get over that.'

Ep 168: Google with it.

Ep 169: Some bacteria with a cold.

Ep 169: 'Don't tell me to go to image!'

Ep 169: 'That's a good impression of someone who can't hear.'

Ep 170: 'Are you made of muffins? ARE YOU MADE OF MUFFINS!?'

Ep 170: 'Aah Tiggleby be ticklin' me!'

Ep 170: 'I was a very horny young man.' 'Ew.'

Ep 170: 'He can't be friends with coral! Am I right you guys?'

Ep 170: 'I can't have any more Dr. Phil talk!'

Ep 170: Two fingers of blueberries.

Ep 170: 'Use your genitals. That's what I'm saying.'

Ep 170: Meatsacs.

Ep 170: "Oorrrrever young! I ont to be orrrever young.'

Ep 170: Cowboy ham.

Ep 171: 'You're a real lolly farter, aren't you?'

Ep 171: 'Should we check in with the profess-' 'CONSCIOUSNESS.'

Ep 171: 'Move finger, meat finger.'

Ep 171: Creepo!

Ep 171: Kyle's suicidal sex robot (and eggs).

Ep 171: My Arm or My Lady.

Ep 171: Mickey Mears at Disneyland.

Ep 172: David & Kyle are in Tig's top 50 friends, but not in the top 20.

Ep 172: Kids with only one good eye.

Ep 172: Tig in a Blanket, the homeless-people-in-coats foundation.

Ep 173: The Bill Cosby episode.

Ep 173: David's just mad about Kyle's nuts.

Ep 173: Welcome to our pawscat.

Ep 173: 'Genitals, you have been reassigned!' Ep 173: Autism on the playground. You get it when you can.

Ep 173: She's very successful writer.

Ep 173: Handshakes. Smiling. Appropriate tickling. Sharing food. Winks. Ep 173: 'Hey, don't sit on the Asians.'

Ep 174: 'I have the worst thirds in the whole podcast.'

Ep 174: 'Two Chelsea Handler Books Put Together' by Tig Notaro (or Chelsea Handler).

Ep 174: Kitchy Tig trinklets.

Ep 174: 'Am I higher or lower?'

Ep 174: Kermiddy Cartoon Network.

Ep 175: Olive and the rice cake create drama.

Ep 175: (Sings) 'We're gonna eat some food and have our dogs bark.'

Ep 175: Olive gets miked.

Ep 175: 'What's mortar!?'

Ep 175: 'It's good it's good.'

Ep 176: Beep boop boop boop hey Hey HEY!

Ep 176: (To your baby bump) 'There's a weird guy in the elevator with us.'

Ep 176: Let's read from the book of tumors.

Ep 176: (In a Jewish accent) 'Why would you do this to your poor Asian mother!?'

Ep176: (In a Jewish accent) 'Oh boy I love to use chopsticks when I eat my rice food.'

Ep 176: Tiggle tell you.

Ep 177: 'Hard to love and nine-year-old. Tig?'

Ep 177: 'Did you ever make out with your sister as a kid?'

Ep 177: 'So a lot of stick figures get ripped up.'

Ep 177: 'Whoa! That's faster than the DMV!'

Ep 178: High energy, bad attitude.

Ep 178: Boba Fett's Italian friend.

Ep 178: 'Kristen's going to ignore Lily when she jumps.'

Ep 178: 'I love magic!'

Ep 178: Tig, David & Jen join Kyle's body band.

Ep 178: 'A modern woman is best known for her boobs & her soup.'

Ep 178: 'I piggybacked that chicken.'

Ep 178: 'Worksops!'

Ep 178: 'Don't tell her exactly where it is. Just send her in that direction.'

Ep 178: Tig's boobs got a lot of action and that's what caused the breast cancer. Too many boob swats.

Ep 178: 'Scuttleback and don't swat your boobs.'

Ep 179: It turns out Kyle is God.

Ep 179: Tough Tig & Sweetie Petey.

Ep 179: Kyle gives Pete a lot of life advice with his body.

Ep 179: Pete raps with his body.

Ep 180: 'Ain't No Sunshine' body rap.

Ep 180: 'Look at me.'

Ep 180: 'Say something of substance.' 'I just woke up.'

Ep 180: You developed breast cancer one week ago in your hand.'

Ep 180: 'Burf heef hufhufhufhufhuf.' (Horse noises, obviously)

Ep 180: 'Oh you were playing stick throw.'

Ep 180: Tragic ending (the beloved Robin Williams).

Ep 182: Kyle dabbled in gay for like 15 (17, 18) years.

Ep 182: M. Night Shamalamadingdong.

Ep 182: Jimmy Parsi does not book nabisco.

Ep 182: Jimmy hates cooking food.

Ep 182: 'You wanted a passionate topic? Get rid of fantasy baseball - that's an effing snooze. Let's talk about cooking food.'

Ep 182: 'So he's sneaky in his mind.' 'Like an Asian!'

Ep 182: 'Come on, give me something for rice paper!'

Ep 182: 'When you sit down, you sit on yourself. Whoops! That's myself.'

Ep 182: 'Anything else on this table? That cup of diarrhea?' 'No I've got no problem with that.'

Ep 183: 'There's nothing better than a little kitty paw.'

Ep 183: 'This is what I smell like inside.'

Ep 183: Marc: 'I don't believe I'm cynical. I think I'm relatively objective and a little aggravated.'

Ep 184: Grandma Smelly-In-Her-Panties.

Ep 184: Tato-ing nerf herders.

Ep 184: Kyle's brain in bed: 'Don't do that.'

Ep 184: Kyle's minimal CO2 rap.

Ep 184: 'Whatever you're born, stay that way! Love Professor Blastoff.'

Ep 184: Kyle Dunnigan - Best high school actor in his high school.

Ep 184: Ivan Carlisle.

Ep 184: Tig's a regular at the queef clinic.

Ep 184: Pretty Little Baby. Block Walker. Fart Barterer.

Ep 185: Tig is taking the permanent wave's side.

Ep 186: Seamt.

Ep 186: 'Is there a chance horse hoof smoke came out of my body during the surgery?'

Ep 186: 'If you need a sabbatical, come work in my lap!'

Ep 186: 'Nobody put Baby science in a corner.'

Ep 187: Kyle wrote an amazing stuff-in-eye bit.

Ep 187: 'It goes both.'

Ep 187: Kyle auditions with himself. 'Daddy Mac, Cuddly Wuddly, Sugar Tits.'

Ep 187: 'I'll show you weird! I've cuddled sober!'

Ep 188: Hippies and nap buddies.

Ep 188: 'Give your girlfriend the mic. Are you smart?'

Ep 189: Serial meets The Wire.

Ep 190: Womammal.

Ep 190: Stephanie created a job - The Organiser of Chairs & Space.

Ep 190: 'What else are circles?'

Ep 190: 'We already talking about... Okay... Snacks and your diaper...'

Ep 190: 'Time flies when you're in a diaper.'

Ep 191: 'When you were born, you came out like the cutest little chicken.'

Ep 191: Judy body raps!

Ep 191: MOTHER does a MOTHER meditation. The best mother meditation of all!

Ep 191: Olive eats constantly.


Ep 193: 'Are you licking your stinkies? You licking your stinkies?'

Ep 193: 'Yeah, boss.'

Ep 193: 'Feel the calm as your berries meet your twig.'

Ep 193: 'I was acting.'

Ep 194: Aaron tolerates Lake.

Ep 195: Elf and pokier things.

Ep 195: David's girlfriend asks if she's permitted to take a shower.

Ep 195: Can Tig talk about her su-su-su-su-success?

Ep 196: 'You're really getting serious about getting a date, aren't you?'

Ep 196: yousaidsquattypottynow

Ep 196: Put your head in her toilet.

Ep 196: 'Squatty potties rock. Also addiction isn't good. Also imagine a girl taking a poop on your face.'

Ep 196: All amoligies.

Ep 196: Beef chickens.

Ep 196: 'Looove addict! She's a looove addict!'

Ep 197: Rustle the buffalo.

Ep 197: Greg picks up any girls at 3pm every day.

Ep 197: 'So Australia's a continent.'

Ep 197: Tig Daddy.

Ep 197: 'Once there was a girl who had her second period... LUNCH ROOM.'

Ep 198: 'The key to beating this guy is knocking his wheat mask off.'

Ep 199: 'But I've cured diseases and helped children and I was pecked to death by ducks!?'

Ep 199: Pecked to death by Duck Girl.

Ep 199: 'His arms went up like "ow, my neck."

Ep 199: Mowwy Wingwald.

Ep 199: 'Are you listening Gordon Lightfoot?'

Ep 199: 'Are you listening Pope Francis? And Molly.'

Ep 199: Pope Francis' Christmas party. 6pm to question-mark.

Ep 199: The most stressful and annoying Professor Blastoff recording ever. (123dot123dot123dot123)

Ep 199: Off-mic money talks.

Ep 199: 'We're atoms. Let's touch 'em.'

Ep 199:That's our Najji.

Ep 199: 'Who's Aaron?'

Ep 200: 'So there's no hyphen?'

Ep 200: Seven-year-old Molly Ringwald ate a whole watermelon.

Ep 200: Fourteen!

Ep 200: 'I can rap backwards.' 'You just inhaled!'

Ep 200: Legitimate kitty paws.

Ep 201: Tig's got her TOP! HAT!

Ep 201: Tig's ears look just like Ellen's.

Ep 201: Rebecca is Tig's third-tier friend. If she died, she'd be sad in a third-tier way.

Ep 201: 'Sincerely - a real one.'

Ep 201: Lil Kicks.

Ep 202: Stephanie is totally down with solitary confinement.

Ep 202: Giraffes are benefiting from dating.

Ep 202: 'Hey nice man's shirt.'

Ep 202: 'Where do you like to go that makes you feel great?'

Ep 202: 'I don't think rape is funny either.'

Ep 202: 'This is not Professor Rapeoff.'

Ep 203: Kyle does yoga and a lot of tea ceremonies.

Ep 203: Dog airline!

Ep 203: 'He sounds like he's in a lot of pain.'

Ep 203: 'Everyone's always masturbating with my penis.'

Ep 204: Tig's 41th birthday card.

Ep 204: Christ School, the Christian musical.

Ep 204: 'Yeah I don't want my baby to be beaten more than once.'

Ep 204: 'Hey Kyle, does your arm hurt?' 'Nah-ny.'

Ep 204: David topped Kyle's nanny joke.

Ep 205: Lola was a nightclub. She would do cha cha.

Ep 205: Kyle's butt's gay, but he's not.

Ep 205: Angst-ridden teenage scrawny Kyle singing Phil Collins to his reflection.

Ep 206: Blastin' m'lats.

Ep 207: 'When I leave Vegas, I just make a giant circle back to Vegas.'

Ep 208: 'That's why you don't fly over the ocean.' We weren't over the ocean. '...and I think I want her to die with me.' '...Oh god.' 'I don't think that's the coolest.'

Ep 208: 'Rhys how many generations until there will be water people?'

Ep 208: 'Battitude is the way bats would act.'

Ep 208: Bubonic = Powerful boobs.

Ep 208: 'I'm feeling really good about bubonic.' 'What a plague.' 'Oh great, now I've got perfect boobs.' 'Yeah Tig you've got that bionic, guuuuurl.'

Ep 210: Judy gets texts about her bottom.

Ep 210: A man wants to get excited with Judy's bottom.

Ep 210: David isn't noteable on Wikipedia.

Ep 210: 'I could probably TJ Maxx just by looking at your bottom.'

Ep 210: Kyle: 'David from the podcast is MY David.'

Ep 210: 'We've narrowed it down to either a man or a woman.'

Ep 210: 'I love my Kyle. And I like you a lot David. I'd love you if I knew you more.'

Ep 211: Margee from the bear story!

Ep 211: 'Do you or do you not have fart squiggles?'

Ep 211: Punky!

Ep 211: Finally getting to Tig's answers on football pile-ups.

Ep 212: Tig peed her pants on a motorcycle.

Ep 214: 'Get off my turkey neck.'

Ep 214: Christ High: The Musical. 'The best time to talk about Christ is after school.'

Ep 214: 'If anyone can bring black holes back, it's you.'

Ep 214: 'I feel like you're saying old people should kill themselves.' 'No, not all of them...'

Ep 215: 'Tell me something. Did he ever kill a rooster?'

Ep 215: 'Lonely people - you will know us by the trail of bear hugs.'

Ep 215: 'Welp, that's been my part.'

Ep 216: Del la Rue and Peter Pippy Five.

Ep 216: Del was well-endowed, but it shrinks up into a little button as you get older.

Ep 216: Del has crevices in his anus-taint area.

Ep 217: 'New beginnings, old endings.'

Ep 217: The death of the professor.

Ep 217: 'David I feel you're moving into listenable material right now.'

Thanks for everything Tiny Calves, Beach Poop & The Wig.

xx Ria.