Pixel Record is a podcast hosted by YouTuber KanOfSoda where random guest stars (or friends) would discuss. The podcast itself mainly discusses a variety of topics, from fun facts, tea spilling, storytime, and other random discussions.

Information[edit | edit source]

In around late 2019, Sara Seamount (commonly referred to online as KanOfSoda) started the podcast, as inspiration from the Internet Sensation podcast. She eventually got several of her close friends as guest stars on the podcast with her, including her friend Ashley, whom has appeared the most.

The podcast would actively run throughout late 2019 and early 2020. However, there was a sudden halt in uploading in between March and September. Kan has confirmed that it was due to laziness and almost lack of topics to discuss due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the podcast was back up and running in September, almost a year after the show's debut. It is back with new episodes as of now. Just recently, Ashley, who was a recurring guest star on the podcast, has been added as a new co-host, starting with Episode 20.

Available Platforms[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

(with Spotify links)

# Name Guest Star(s) Release Date
20 The Snyder Cut, as well as Among Us December 15, 2020
19 WW84 + DCEU's Potential Future November 24, 2020
18 2020 Presidential Election November 7, 2020
17 Minecraft and CBM Franchises October 27, 2020
16 Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts October 6, 2020
15 A Little Trip Down Memory Lane Alicia September 29, 2020
14 DC vs the Film Industry Louis Sanville September 22, 2020
13 Reunion of Total Trash Nerdz Ashley


September 15, 2020
12 Insane Roblox Stories Ashley September 8, 2020
11 Reunion, along with Tea Spilling Patience March 24, 2020
10 Problematic Star Wars Fans Dodecastella February 25, 2020
9 D&Dont Novaaclipse


January 21, 2020
8 Egg and Beef at School Ashley January 14, 2020
7 Trash Fanfics and Fandoms Ashley December 31, 2019
6 The Color Guard Spills the Tea Novaaclipse December 17, 2019
5 School Craziness with the Nacho Alex December 10, 2019
4 History of the World Ashley December 3, 2019
3 Sensational Discussion November 26, 2019
2 YouTubers and Sci-Fi Ashley October 22, 2019
1 Dealing with Opinions October 15, 2019

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