Internet Sensation was a British YouTube-published podcast created and hosted by ImAllexx, and later co-hosted by Ciarán Carlin. It used to run for three months during most of mid-to-late 2019, but it seems like the series is no longer in continuity.

Information[edit | edit source]

Prior to the formation of the podcast, the channel itself was originally the Camp Cast podcast channel, but when it ended, the channel was turned into another podcast channel solely hosted by Alex.

It consisted of a weekly upload schedule where Alex would either discuss the topic himself or bring on several guest stars. The topics discussed were mainly about internet trends, topics, YouTube drama, or any other topics that aspired interest.

Eventually, Alex got a co-host named Ciarán Carlin. Although his time as co-host was short-lived, having appeared only in two episodes, the two would continue to keep the podcast entertaining.

The series ended very early, around 3 months in, with the last podcast uploaded on 25 November 2019. Now that there have been no more new episodes ever since, it is concluded that the series is officially over.


Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Name Guest Star Release Date
1 Meeting Logan Paul 14 August 2019
2 WillNE WillNE 19 August 2019
3 Memeulous Memeulous 27 August 2019
4 Banned from Morgz Fest Thafnine 2 September 2019
5 Top 100 YouTubers 10 September 2019
6 Jake Paul's Transphobia 23 September 2019
7 Anesongib Talks Jake Paul Anesongib 30 September 2019
8 Trisha Paytas is Trans 9 October 2019
9 iNabber on Shane's Jeffree Star Doc iNabber 15 October 2019
10 YouTube Must Fix This Callum Markie 23 October 2019
11 I Do Not Like the Ace Family 31 October 2019
12 KSI vs Logan Paul Sucked Ciarán Carlin (co-host) 17 November 2019
13 Worst TikTok Trends Ciarán Carlin (co-host) 25 November 2019

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