Alex Elmslie, mainly known as ImAllexx, is a British YouTuber and a part-time podcaster. He used to host the Camp Cast and Internet Sensation podcasts, and now he hosts The E-Boys Podcast with the E-Boys.

List of Shows[edit | edit source]

Camp Cast[edit | edit source]

In around 2018/2019, he collaborated with YouTuber James Marriott to make the Camp Cast podcast. They would sometimes bring guest stars on the show and comment on a variety of random topics.

Internet Sensation[edit | edit source]


The E-Boys Podcast[edit | edit source]


Guest Star[edit | edit source]

Happy Hour Podcast


True Geordie Podcast

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He has a bad habit of not continuing podcasts, which would end the series. This is a running joke in the fanbase where his podcasts would not last very long.
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