Griffin McElroy is a podcaster primarily known as one of the Co-Hosts of My Brother, My Brother and Me. He is married to Rachel McElroy.[1][2] He is the youngest brother of the McElroy Brothers and the son of Clint McElroy.

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My Brother, My Brother and Me Edit

Griffin McElroy is a Co-Host of My Brother, My Brother and Me along with his brothers Justin and Travis. [3]

The Adventure Zone Edit

Griffin McElroy plays the Dungeon Master in the D&D Campaign. Justin, Travis and Clint are the players.[4]

Rose Buddies Edit

Rose Buddies is a podcast that Griffin does with his wife Rachael where they discuss the Bachelor family of products.[5]

Cool Games Inc. Edit

Cool Games Inc is a gaming podcast produced by Polygon featuring Griffin McElroy and Nick Robinson. [6]

the Besties Edit

The Besties is a gaming review podcast produced by Polygon hosted by Justin, Chris Plante, and Russ Frushtick.[7]

Til Death Due Us Blart Edit

An Annual Podcast hosted by Griffin and Justin McElroy, Guy Montgomery, and Tim Blatt where they discuss and review the movie Paul Blart, Mall Cop 2. [8]

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