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Dynamic Duel: DC vs Marvel is a weekly Marvel and DC fan podcast distributed by Spreaker and hosted by twin brothers Jonathan and Joseph, known on the show as Johnny DC and Marvelous Joe. Their episode content alternates between reviewing Marvel- and DC-related media; and "duel" episodes that pit Marvel and DC Comics characters into Monte Carlo simulations to see who would win.

The show won three Colorado Podcast Awards in 2020, including Best Colorado Podcast, Best Co-Hosts, and Best Sound Editing.[1] It was named as one of the top 10 "Best Nerdtastic Denver Podcasts" by Westword magazine[2] and one of the top 20 "Best Podcasts For Sci-Fi And Fantasy Lovers" by the website Zimbio.[3]


Each episode is primarily focused on either reviewing a Marvel or DC film or television series, or debating over which DC or Marvel character would win in a fight against another character from the opposing comic company. "Duel" episodes involve a breakdown of the fictional histories and abilities of the characters involved in the match, followed by improvisational speculation on how the fight would play out, and end with the results of stat-based simulations that reveal the winner. Review episodes are segmented by the brothers' overall thoughts on the film or show's story and themes, commentary on the main cast, and a breakdown of the plot.[4]

Recurring segments[]

Beyond the typical format of duels and reviews, Jonathan and Joseph host other special segments each episode, including "Quick! To the No-Prize!", "On to the News!" and "Question of the Week." The No-Prize segment involves recordings of listeners calling in with their answer to the previous episodes question of the week, with a version of Marvel's No-Prize awarded to the brothers' favorite answer. The news segment goes over the comic book-related movie and TV show news from the past week, such as trailer discussions, casting announcements, and production news.

Special episodes[]

At the end of each year the twin brothers announce their awards, called Brothers Awards, to Marvel and DC media. The awards' graphic is based on the "Brother" entities from the DC vs. Marvel crossover miniseries.[5] Around the time of San Diego Comic Con they host a news-only episode that goes over the Marvel and DC headlines, though due to the downsizing of the event caused by the COVID-19 pandemic a Comic Con episode has not been recorded since 2019.[6]


The how has put on several fundraisers. Each December the brothers host what they refer to as a "holiday charity duel" where they pit more whimsical – typically animal – Marvel and DC characters against each other. Through listener donations, these episodes have raised funds for the following non-profit organizations:

  • Friends of Kexp[7]
  • The Sierra Club Foundation[8]
  • Women Helping Women[9]
  • Pop Culture Classroom[10][11][12]

In addition, the podcast has also supported other causes via listener donations, including the Dwayne McDuffie Fund[13] and World Central Kitchen[14].


The podcast occasionally features guests from other shows to participate in their review episodes. These include:

  • The Blast From Our Past Podcast
  • Ready 2 Retro
  • You Call Those Tactics?

One or both of the brothers have also made guest appearances on other podcasts, including:

  • The Blast From Our Past Podcast
  • Ready 2 Retro
  • Throwback Trivia Takedown
  • TV Trivia Pod